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 We know the importance of quality service and top-grade equipment. Nothing is more important to us than the safety and comfort of your group. 

Seat belt safety comes standard with Silent Rides. All of our motor coaches are equipped with 20G three-point seat belts as standard equipment. The driver’s seat is also equipped with a three-point seat belt for optimal safety during operation.


Volvo 9700 Safety Features


Accident Prevention

The Volvo 9700 offers preventive safety from the ground up. The driver’s environment is spacious and ergonomically designed with large window areas and rearview mirrors that feature integrated close-quarter mirrors for excellent all-around visibility. Better visibility means lower risk. Powerful headlights with bi-xenon lamps add superior nighttime visibility, and large, high-set brake lamps further reduce the risk of accidents. Reverse Backup Package The 9700’s Reverse Backup system includes four reverse sensors in the bumper and a corresponding monitor in the driver’s area. The system efficiently guides the driver to park the vehicle safely while avoiding obstacles.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System Improper tire temperature and pressure are leading contributors to tire failure. The Volvo Tire Pressure Monitoring System samples temperature  and pressure and helps detect inner drive tire failures  that are often overlooked in general inspections.  Real-time pressure readings allows drivers to easily monitor tires for optimal pressure, which can contribute to improved fuel economy.


Impact Reduction

Electronic Braking System (EBS) and Electronic Stability Program (ESP) The Volvo 9700 features Volvo disc brakes with EBS, which offers rapid, gentle, and controlled braking. With the help of the Brake Blending function, the auxiliary brakes perform as much of the braking work as possible before the wheel brakes are activated. Supplementing the wheel brakes is the powerful Volvo engine brake (VEB), which delivers high retardation over the speed range. The Hill Start Aid stops the bus from rolling backwards when starting on a hill. For added safety, the 9700 comes standard with ESP, which, under normal conditions and when the surface is slippery, reduces the risk of the bus rolling over or driving off the road.

Unique protection for the driver The 9700’s Front Impact Protection (FIP) absorbs and diverts impact in the event of a frontal collision, while Knee Impact Protection provides energy-absorbing panels to reduce the risk of injury to the driver’s knees and legs. In a collision in which the driver’s knees strike the instrument panel, the kinetic energy is absorbed by the impact panels, which crumple in a controlled manner to minimize injury.

Volvo Front Underrun Protection System (FUPS) In a frontal collision between a bus and a passenger car, the occupants of the car suffer the greatest risk of injury. To improve their safety, the Volvo 9700 is equipped with FUPS. This underrun protection system features a steel beam behind the bumper that prevents the car from being wedged under the bus. In a collision, the beam deforms to absorb the car’s impact. Volvo is the first vehicle manufacturer to employ this type of frontal underrun protection on buses.

Safety-tested bodies If an accident should occur, the 9700’s body is designed to reduce the consequences as much as possible. The structure is compliant with R66 testing for the protection of occupants in a rollover situation.  The interior is soft and free from protruding parts or sharp edges. Standard interior parcel racks come equipped with safety cords to hold parcels in place; optional rack doors are also available.

Engine Fire Suppression System The 9700’s Engine Fire Suppression System is the most effective engine compartment monitoring system on the market. It uses both linear thermal detection and an optical infrared sensor to improve passenger safety by protecting the engine compartment and auxiliary heater. The system provides audible and visual warnings to the driver in case of an incident.


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